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ALPDF is a PDF document manager with PDF viewer and editing. You can convert PDF files to a variety of formats, and merge, split, and other PDF documents can be easily managed. You can use the OCR feature with additional installations.


  • Latest Version – V 3.04 – 2022-04-26
  • Developer – ESTsoft Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – ALPDF304.exe (117MB)
  • Category – BusinessApplication

Main Function

  • PDF documents support a variety of limited formatting schemes. Documents can be combined and modified.
  • You can edit images, text, and more inside the document. You can edit the page and get annotated to increase the quality of the document.
  • You can install a separate plug-in and convert the contents of the document to text through the OCR (Character Recognition) function.
  • Password settings for viewing documents are enabled. It also increases security with additional permission settings.

About Features

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Edit PDF Documents

You can perform a variety of tasks for PDF documents, such as PDF conversion and editing, merging.

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OCR (character recognition)

You can recognize the characters in the PDF document and convert them to text. Additional plugins are required.

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Page Extraction

You can select a page with a variety of units and conditions, and page extract is possible.

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Various Editing Tools

It provides various tools for editing PDF documents and is easy to edit.

ALPDF How to edit text


  • Is ALPDF free?

    Yes. Free Document Management Program. All features are available for free.

  • How to use reduce the PDF capacity with ALPDF?

    The capacity of the PDF document can be reduced as follows:

    1. Call the capacity to reduce the file.
    2. Click “File”“Optimize” on the upper left corner.
    3. Click the Optimization button.

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