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Naver Band is a meeting app developed by Naver. Users of various age groups can create band meetings on various topics and share various information such as schedules and meetings. Meeting online is available for lectures, and various functions are provided.

BAND Specs

  • 최신 버전 – V 1.10.13 – 2024-04-11
  • 개발자 – NAVER Corp.
  • 운영체제 – Windows
  • 파일 – BAND-1.10.13.exe (108MB)
  • 카테고리 – SocialNetworkingApplication

Main Funtion

  • You can create bands in a variety of meetings, including neighborhood meetings, local small groups, and clubs.
  • 1: 1 chat, group chat, etc. You can use the functions you need for meetings such as shared calendar and photo gallery.
  • You can conduct lectures and education through real -time live broadcasts. It offers a variety of functions, including tasks and note tests.
  • You can create a public schedule to introduce a group to users who do not join the band.
  • You can create a Naver band group for children. It can be used safely in the band for kids.


Sign up for Naver Band PC version

Simple Sign up

Anyone can easily join through a mobile number or email. However, the identity of the device and email is required.

Naver Band PC Version Personal Note

Private memo

You can use a variety of notes using personal notes in the group. By public setting, you can turn the notes to public and private.

Naver Band Topic and Meeting

Various topics

You can easily find a meeting that is suitable for users by joining a variety of topics for each age group.

NAVER Band Advertising Removal and Settings

Easy app settings and use

It provides an intuitive interface. This allows users to access the app for the first time.

How to Use


  • How Can NAVER Band Video download?

    How to download the video in NAVER BAND:

    1. Click the video you want to download.
    2. Click Save at the bottom.
    3. Save the video in the desired location.

  • How do you join Naver Band?

    Membership can be used as NAVER accounts and Facebook accounts.

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