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Coupang Play is an OTT service that allows you to watch movies and TV series unlimited to any Wow member. You can enjoy it with up to 5 profiles, and you can enjoy various exclusive content and overseas content. Coupang play can be used on PCs and mobile.
Coupang Play Download

Coupang Play Specs

  • Latest Version – V 2.12.1 – 2024-01-06
  • Developer – Coupang Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – CoupangPlay.exe (23MB)
  • Category – MultimediaApplication

Main Funtion

  • Up to five profiles offer films and TV series, Coupang exclusive content of various genres.
  • Regardless of the plan, anyone can use Kupang play.
  • You can watch the content unlimitedly on all devices such as PCs, TV, mobile, and tablets.
  • We offer content updates and exclusive content (cold play concerts).
  • In addition to Netflix and TVING, we provide the most domestic entertainment and dramas.


Coupang Play genre

Various genres

You can watch unlimited movies and dramas of various genres.

Coupang Play TV connection

TV Connection

You can connect with smart TVs to watch various contents.

Coupang play exclusive content

Exclusive content

You can enjoy the concerts and series provided exclusively.

COUPANG Play Kids Channel

Kids channel

Children’s Hall provides beneficial content to children.

Coupang Play Movie recommendation

Coupang Play FAQ

  • How can I use the Coupang Play PC version?

    It can be used through the web browser. After moving to the guided link, you can use the Coupang Play PC version after a wow login.

  • How can we join Wow members?

    You can join the Wow members by joining the membership on the COUPANG Play website. Membership can be registered on mobile and PC.

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