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Evernote is a memo program that allows you to easily use notes. In addition to simple text notes, you can use various memo work functions such as images and file attachments. Create and manage notes efficiently through various features!
Evernote Download

Evernote Specs

  • Latest Version – V 10.53.2 – 2023-02-23
  • Developer – Evernote Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – Evernote-10.53.2-win-ddl-ga-3935-bcf2e6bf75-setup.exe (260MB)
  • Category – UtilitiesApplication

Main Funtion

  • It can be used in the operating system of Windows 7 or later.
  • You can check all memo records and schedules on the home screen.
  • You can easily find the notes you want using the tag and memo name search function.


Evernote Notes

High quality memo

You can use not only simple text memos, but also a note with an image or file attached. More colorful notes are possible.

Evernote home screen

Home screen

You can see various information at a glance, such as calendar, notes record, and contents on the main screen.

Evernote template

Template editing

Provide memo templates. The user can modify the memo template and can use the app better.

Evernote device support

Various devices

Evernote can be used not only on PCs but also on mobile (Android, iOS) devices. Synchronization is possible.

Evernote How to Use

Evernote FAQ

  • Is Evernote free?

    Yes. This is a free note program. There are partial limitations, but you can receive a variety of features.

  • What is the Evernote template?

    It is a service that provides a memo template. The user can apply the template and use the memo comfortably. The template is available through the following link.

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