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Firefox browser is a browser with powerful privacy. You can block a variety of online trackers to experience fast page loading speeds. Synchronizing devices through the device can bring back marks and user information to any device.

Firefox Specs

  • Latest Version – V 102.0 – 2022-06-28
  • Developer – Mozilla Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – Firefox Installer.exe (342KB)
  • Category – BrowserApplication

Main Function

  • Web surfing can be surfed without leaving a visiting record through secret mode (privacy mode).
  • The browser protects your personal information with its own high security.
  • Everyone can be easily used through a simple interface.
  • Set the theme you want to reduce fatigue to your eyes.
  • Search convenience is very high. The search widget can be directly web browser.

About Features

firefox 2

Privacy Protection Mode

Safe Web surfing is possible through a privacy mode that does not leave a user’s information such as web cookies, search, and landing records.

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Powerful Security

You can block the online tracker and experience fast page loading speed. It has high security.

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Synchronizing the device

Synchronization is possible on PC, tablet, and mobile phones. Bookmarks, login information, and so on.

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Dark mode

Dark mode has been released to reduce fatigue in the eyes! You can reduce battery consumption and experience faster speed.

Firefox How to use?

Firefox FAQ

  • How do I use Firefox browser VPN function?

    You can install additional extensions. You can use the VPN service on the following link: Browser is required.

  • What is Firefox browser adblock?

    An additional extension that blocks harmful ads. You can protect your personal information. Downloads from the following links:

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