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Firefox browser is a browser with powerful privacy. You can experience fast page loading speed by blocking various online trackers. Synchronization between devices allows you to load bookmarks and user information on any device.
Firefox browser download

Firefox Specs

  • Latest Version – V 109.0 – 2023-01-25
  • Developer – Mozilla Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – Firefox Installer.exe (342KB)
  • Category – BrowserApplication

Firefox browser main function

  • In Secret Mode (Privacy Mode), you can surf the web without leaving a visit record.
  • The browser itself protects personal information with high security.
  • Anyone can easily use it through a simple interface.
  • Set the theme you want to relieve your eyes tired.
  • Search convenience is very high. Search widgets are available right away.


Firefox Secret Mode

Privacy mode

Surfing the web through privacy protection mode, which does not leave users’ information such as web cookies, search and visiting records, can be surfing safely.

Firefox security

Strong security

You can block online trackers and experience fast page loading speeds. It has high security.

Firefox device synchronization

Synchronization between devices

Synchronization can be synchronized on PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc. You can load bookmarks and login information.

Firefox Dark Mode

Dark mode

Dark mode has been released to relieve fatigue! You can reduce battery consumption and experience faster speed.

Firefox How to Use

Firefox FAQ

  • How do I use the Firefox browser VPN feature?

    It is possible by installing additional extensions. You can use the VPN service in the following link. You need a browser.

  • What is Firefox Browser Ad Block?

    This is an additional extension that blocks harmful advertising. You can protect your personal information. You can download from the following link.

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