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GeForce Experience is a utility app provided by NVIDIA. You can automatically recognize the games installed on your PC and optimize. You can also record the screen by recognizing the game you are playing.
GeForce Experience Download

GeForce Experience Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2023-01-25
  • Developer – NVIDIA Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – GeForce_Experience_v3.26.0.160.exe (125MB)
  • Category – UtilitiesApplication


GeForce Experience Game Optimization

Game optimization

You can automatically recognize the installed game and proceed with optimization. You can install the driver needed for the game.

GeForce Experience Driver Update

Driver update

You can update a variety of NVIDIA drivers. Recognize the graphics card installed on your PC.

GeForce Experience How to Use

GeForce Experience FAQ

  • What is the recording in GeForce Experience?

    Game screen recording can be done in the following way.

    1. Access the app settings in the upper right corner.
    2. Click “Recording”.
    3. Select and save video quality.
    4. Click the “Recording” button to start recording.

  • How can you optimize the GeForce Experience game?

    The following methods can be optimized for the game.

    1. First log in to the app.
    2. Select the game to be optimized.
    3. Press the “Optimization” button and restart the system.

    For more information, check the following link:

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