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Getamped is a strategy action game that chooses a variety of character professions, fighting the other party. You can combine specialized professions and various accessories and fight other users. In addition, you can decorate the character through the skin system and there are various contents.

Getamped Specs

  • Latest Version – V 2.309 – 2022-03-24
  • Developer – JUNEINTER
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – GetampedV2_F.exe (2GB)
  • Category – GameApplication

Main Function

  • You can fight your opponent through the character and accessories.
  • Customizable skins can be configured or shared by creating a skin.
  • Tournament mode, Challenge mode, and survival mode, you can enjoy various game modes in one game.
  • If you do not have a Getamped download, you will recommend updating your graphics driver.

About Features

getamped 2

Language Support

Enjoy Get Ampdes in a variety of languages, including Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, and Netherlands.

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Various Game Modes

Supports a variety of game modes as well as fighting mode. There are various modes such as sports mode, survival mode.

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Skin Sharing

Other users can use a pre-crafted skin. Skin editor is required to enclose a skin on a character.

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Various Accessories

Through Epic Accessories, we can taste different pleasures with normal accessories.

Getamped Skin Usage

Getamped FAQ

  • How can Getamped Skins use?

    To apply the skins to the character, the following tasks are required:

    1. Purchase the “Add Avatar Skin” in the store.
    2. You can apply the desired skins to the slot.

  • What is Getamped Gallery?

    It is a community that can identify a variety of information about the game. You can connect through the following links:

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