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GoClean can perform a variety of PC optimization, including startups and hard disk optimization. The easy interface makes it easy for beginners to optimize the PC with just a few clicks. It also provides additional functions such as privacy and malware deletion.
GoClean Home

GoClean Specs

  • Latest Version – V 1.5.2 – 2023-09-28
  • Developer – Gobest
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – gocleansetup152.exe (1.95MB)
  • Category – UtilitiesApplication

Main Funtion

  • Intuitive interface makes it easy for beginners to manage PCs. One -click allows you to use most features.
  • When the Internet is slowed or slower PC booting speed, you can delete unnecessary files to speed up.
  • It is possible to use safe PCs by managing the program in use and protecting personal information.
  • Security programs such as V3 Lite, Alyac, etc. can perform optimization of areas that are not optimized.
  • Check files forced deletion or DNS alteration, and you can use a more easy PC through the computer termination timer.


GOCLEAN personal information deletion

Delete personal information

You can protect your personal information by deleting web records or cache files.

GOCLEAN process initialization

Process initialization

Leave the minimum program needed to use Windows and exit all programs to speed up.

GoClean Start Program Management

Starting program management

You can increase the boot speed by managing the program that starts when booting computers.

GoClean hard disk optimization

Hard disk optimization

Hard disk optimization allows you to delete unnecessary programs to perform computer optimization.

GoClean How to Use

GoClean FAQ

  • Is Goclean free?

    Yes. You can use all the features related to hard disk optimization and PC management for free. It is available in the Windows operating system.

  • Is Goclean safe?

    Yes. It is a safe program with no virus infection. You can eliminate malware and protect your personal information.

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