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GOM Cam is a free computer screen recording program. You can record a lecture or record games, and more. Simple editing is possible immediately after recording.

GOM Cam Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2022-06-29
  • Developer – Gom & Company
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – GOMCAMSETUP_NEW.EXE (60.4MB)
  • Category – MultimediaApplication

Main Function

  • You can easily record your computer screen. Provides a variety of recording capabilities.
  • You can edit after recording. You can cut or add simple audio.
  • You can easily manage images saved through name and tag search, thumbnails, and more.
  • You can use the audio extraction function of the recorded video to extract only the sound source.
  • You can add subtitles and a variety of effects to video content through drawing tools.
  • More functions are available through a paid version of the GOM Cam Pro.

About Features

gomcam 2

Edit video

You can edit the recorded image immediately. Provides a simple editing feature.

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You can set microphone and audio and record the river image. A basic device is required.

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You can save recorded images in a variety of formats. Both videos and images are possible.

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User Manual

Provides an interface manual for the first time you first contacted. Everyone is easy to use.

GOM Cam How to use?


  • Is the GOM Cam free?

    Yes. All functions can be used for free without license. The more variety of features are available through paid license purchases.

  • Does the GOM Cam have a watermark?

    No. A screen recording program without a watermark.

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