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Gommix is a free video editing program that can be easily used by beginners. You can easily produce various videos such as simple lectures and introduction videos. Video encoding quickly and easily, and video source support allows you to edit the video without any additional tasks.
GOMMix Download

GOMMix Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2023-12-13
  • Developer – GOM & Company
  • OS – Windows
  • Category – MultimediaApplication

Main Funtion

  • The source of the video makes it easy to edit the cut, and it is easy to manage the edited video.
  • SNS interworking makes it easy to share edited videos.
  • Once the video editing is over, you can encode quickly in a variety of format formats. The maximum original image quality is maintained.
  • It provides a variety of templates, BGM, and filter effects required for video editing. (Gommix Pro)



Cut Edit

You can easily edit the cut by cutting and combining the part of the video. The image quality is maintained.

Gommix encoding settings

Encoding setting

Video codecs and encoding settings can be exported to various quality videos.

Gommix subtitles insert


In the edited video, you can put subtitles in the desired location. Subtitles and watermark inserts are possible.

Gommix screen split

Media sauce

You can split or cut the screen and use it as a medio sauce. All work can be done inside Gommix.

GOMMix How to use 1 -cut editing

GOMMix Usage 2 -Put subtitles


  • What is the difference between the Gommix Pro and the general version?

    The PRO version offers a variety of templates, video sources, color filters and corrections provided by itself. For more information, please visit the following link.

  • Is Gommix free?

    Yes. The basic function is free. If you want a variety of features, you can buy a professional version.

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