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GOM Mix is a free video editing program that can be easily used in beginners. You can easily create a variety of images, such as a simple river video or an introduction video. You can edit the image without additional work with video source support and video source support.

GOM Mix Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2022-03-22
  • Developer – GOM & Company
  • OS – Windows
  • Category – MultimediaApplication

Main Function

  • You can easily edit the cuts by providing the source of the video, and the edited image is easy to manage.
  • You can easily share edited images through SNS interlocking.
  • If the image editing is over, you can quickly encode it in a variety of formats. The maximum number of original image quality is maintained.
  • Provides the various templates and BGM, and filter effects for editing video editing. (GOM Mix Pro)

About Features

gommix 2

Cut Editing

You can easily edit cuts with cropping and combining the part of the video. The image quality is maintained as it is.

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Encoding settings

You can export a variety of quality videos through video codec and encoding settings.

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In the edited image, you can load the subtitle in the desired location. Subtitle and watermark insertion can be inserted.

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Media Source

You can split the screen or use it as a MIDI source because it is cut. All work is possible inside the GOM Mix.

GOM Mix Usage 1 – Cut editing

GOM Mix Usage 2 – Subtitle


  • What is the difference between Gommix Pro and General Versions?

    The PRO version provides a variety of templates and video sources, color filters and calibration features provided on themselves. For more information, see the following links:

  • Is the GOM Mix free?

    Yes. The basic function is free. If you want a variety of features, you can purchase a professional version.

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