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You can safely store photos and back up your data in the Google Cloud. Google Drive can check the files anytime, anywhere, and receive notifications for important activities. You can use the basic 15 GB of capacity to one Google account. Additional plans are available through a paid license.

Google Drive Specs

  • Latest Version – V 55.0 – 2022-03-21
  • Developer – Google LLC.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – GoogleDriveSetup.exe (277MB)
  • Category – UtilitiesApplication

Main Function

  • Supports basic 15 GB of capacity. Capacity of up to 2TB can be used through paid plan purchases.
  • Windows, MacOS, and more are available on a variety of operating systems, and support PCs and mobile devices.
  • You can retrieve files with a name or date, and easily organize files.

About Features

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PC / Mobile Interlocking

You can log in through Google Accounts, such as PC, mobile, and tablets, and check the Google Drives.

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Shared folder

You can use the shared documentation of the drive to share files and folders with other users.

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Paid license

Membership plans provide up to 2TB drive capacity. You can select a variety of additional options.

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Backup and synchronization

You can transfer files to the Google Drive and back up and synchronize files in real time.

Google Drive How to use?

Google Drive FAQ

  • Is Google Drive Free?

    Yes. Up to 15 GB of capacity can be used for free. The capacity can then be used through additional membership purchases. Information about additional licenses can be found on the following links:

  • How can Google Drive Share Documents?

    Here’s how to share within the drive:

    1. Click the file you want to share.
    2. Click the Share or Sharing icon.
    3. You can share content by shared to the desired user or creating a shared document

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