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Google Maps is a map app provided by Google. You can check the world map or check the information you need to travel abroad. The street view provides the actual appearance of the distance, and you can also search for the closest path to your current location.
Google Maps Download

Google Maps Specs

  • Latest Version – V 11.69 – 2023-03-14
  • Developer – Google LLC.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – Google_Maps.exe (33MB)
  • Category – TravelApplication

Main Funtion

  • Provides guidance and location information of countries around the world.
  • You can check the user’s GPS -based real -time traffic situation or explore the optimal path.
  • Street views allows you to check and move the actual appearance of the street.
  • You can use it without a network connection. Try the map offline!
  • After logging in with a user account, you can save the desired place.
  • In the offline, you can check the building and information on the surrounding map through the map app.
  • Depending on the country of use, some functions can be used limited.

Google Maps How to Use

Google Maps FAQ

  • How can I use Google Maps Directions and Path Search?

    You can search the path by:
    1. Run the map app.
    2. Click “Path”.
    3. Set the departure and destination and click the Search button.

  • How can I use Google Maps offline?

    It is possible by storing offline maps.
    1. Run the app on a mobile device or tablet.
    2. Search for places.
    3. Click “Download Offline Map”.

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