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HWP Viewer is a Hangul file document management program provided by Hancom Office. You can check the HWP file and support the documents conveniently by supporting various documents. In addition, it is compatible with various office programs.
HWP Viewer Download

HWP Viewer Specs

  • Latest Version – V 2023 – 2023-01-22
  • Developer – Hancom Inc.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – HOffice2022_Viewer.exe (519MB)
  • Category – BusinessApplication

Main Funtion

  • You can see Hangul files with Hancom Office Viewer program. Modification is possible when installing Hancom Office.
  • Keep the file opened through Hancom Space. You can check the previous document record.
  • You can easily share files with other users through cloud, links, emails, etc.
  • You can add fonts you want to create more high -quality HWP Viewer files.


Open hwp file

Open hwp file

You can view the hwp file. It provides Hangul file viewer function.

Hangul viewer document record

Document record management

You can record the previously read documents and see it again. Provide various document file formats.

HWP Viewer Editing Usage

HWP Viewer FAQ

  • What is the HWP Viewer PDF conversion?

    The PDF conversion method of HWP documents is as follows.

    1. Import the file you want to convert PDF.
    2. Click FilePrint and select “Save PDF
    3. Click “Save File with another name.”
    4. You can see that it has been converted to PDF document.

  • Can HWP Viewer be used on Mac?

    yes. It can be used in Hancom Office Hangul 2014 version.

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