Kakao Battleground


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Kakao Battleground is a strategy/FPS game developed by PUBG. It is a game where 100 survivors start in a random region, with items and survive until the end. Fight to the end with a variety of weapons and vehicles, including guns!
Kakao Battleground Download

Kakao Battleground Specs

  • Latest Version – V 2023 – 2023-03-03
  • Developer – KRAFTON, Inc.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – GameClient_live.exe (11.6MB)
  • Category – GameApplication

Main Funtion

  • It supports a variety of maps, including Sanok, Erangel, Bikendi, Deston, and Taego.
  • There are various main weapons such as AR, SMG, and SG. Give a wind hole to the close enemy!
  • There are various sniper rifles such as AWM, Win94 and KAR98K. Aim in a place you don’t know!
  • There are a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, the bugs, the buggy, and the UAZ.
  • Each weapon has excellent balance. Overpower your opponent with a lot of strategies and tactics!

Kakao Battleground How to speed up download

Kakao Battleground FAQ

  • Kakao Battleground Execution error occurs. How can I fix it?

    If an error occurs in the execution, you can solve the daum game starter.

  • How can I search for Kakao Battleground?

    All you need is to search for the following page. You can also check the competitive rankings or analyze the recent play games.

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