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Kakaotalk is a free social networking service that communicates with various people and can use 1: 1 chat, group chat, and so on. Provides a variety of features, including messages, free calls and multimedia sharing. KakaoTalk Accounts can use various additional services such as Cacao wallet, cacao shopping.

Kakaotalk Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2022-10-17
  • Developer – Kakao Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – KakaoTalk_Setup.exe (81MB)
  • Category – SocialNetworkingApplication

Main Function

  • You can use a variety of emoticons in KakaoTalk only to make conversations more varying. Unlimited service is providedwith emoticons plus.
  • You can use Kakao payment systems to presents, send a variety of financial activities, including Kakao Pay.
  • You can communicate with your opponent in real time by linking your account on your PC version and mobile.
  • You can show different profiles by user using your own multi-profile.

About Features

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You can make conversations more colorful using only private emoticons in KakaoTalk only.

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The present feature allows you to send a gift to your opponent on an important day or receive a gift.

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Open Chat

You can participate in the open chat that you want and communicate with a variety of themes with a variety of people.

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Kakaotalk Wallet

You can use a variety of financial services, such as using remittance payment to your opponent through your own wallet service.

Kakaotalk How to use?

Kakaotalk FAQ

  • I am curious about how to sync PC versions.

    Here’s how to synchronize PC versions and mobile versions:

    1. Log in to KakaoTalk PC version.
    2. Setter-shaped settings on the lower left – Connect to the order of chat.
    3. Click “Back up your conversation”.

  • How can a line of pcs in a PC version?

    The shortcut of the row is Shift + Enter. The Enter key is the conversation content input key.

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