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KMPLAYER is a high -performance video player that allows you to enjoy movies and dramas in high quality. It has more than 100 million users worldwide and does not need to install other codecs with its own built -in codec. In the video, you can use a variety of image quality such as 4K and UHD.
KMPlayer Download

KMPlayer Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2024-01-02
  • Developer – PandoraTV
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – KMPlayer_4.2.3.7.exe (47.4MB)
  • Category – MultimediaApplication

Main Funtion

  • Its built -in codec allows you to play all video files regardless of format.
  • Support up to 4K quality. The image quality is affected by the original image quality.
  • You can remove the noise of the video to play the video of clean sound quality.


KM Player High Definition Setting

High -definition player

It offers a variety of image quality, including 4K, UHD, and 3D. The image quality is affected by the original video and can be changed through high -definition settings.

Kmplayer interface

Comfortable interface

It provides a dark mode that is comfortable for user eyes. You can change the theme at any time, depending on your desired settings.

KM Player Subtitle Settings

Various settings

Settings that fit the user are possible. It is possible to remove the noise of the video or modify the subtitle effect.

Support for KMPlayer Device

Various devices

It supports PCs and mobile (Android, iOS) operating systems. You can use KMplayer on all devices.

KMPlayer How to Use

KMPlayer FAQ

  • How can I remove KMPlayer AD?

    The following methods can be removed.
    1. Access Windows Firewall.
    2. Advanced Settings -Outbound Rule -Select New Rules.
    3. Select the program and select “kmplayer”.
    4. Select in the next order.
    5. When the firewall registration is completed, the advertisement is not output.

  • How can I set up quality in KMPlayer?

    The following method is possible to select high -definition in the player.
    1. Right -click in the player -Select the configuration.
    2. Built -in video codec -select Video Codec Seting
    3. Change and save hardware acceleration settings.

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