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Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a program that can easily manage projects and video conferencing. You can easily go to your project by dividing your team membership and task allocations. Virtual Calls and Chat Features, Cloud Provides several functions for meetings, such as cloud delivery.

Microsoft Teams Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2022-04-04
  • Developer – Microsoft Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – MSTeamsSetup_c_l_.exe (1.3MB)
  • Category – BusinessApplication

Main Function

  • You can make video conferences with team members, families, and safely and quickly.
  • You can invite a team member or create a project workspace through a team-dedicated channel.
  • You can use the task list to divide the quota and proceed with the project easily.
  • Provides various functions divided by household, business only.
  • You can create a remote conference room that anyone can participate through the Microsoft Teams team room.

About Features

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Video Conference

If you want a meeting, invite the user. You can easily make a video conference within a few seconds.

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Chat Function

A colleagues or friends who participated in the project are 1: 1, group chat. You can invite other users.

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Cloud Storage

Access to shared documents by linking to Google Drive, OneDrive.

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Project Management

Create a team member and project management area to make your project easier to proceed. You can send and receive mail.

Microsoft Teams Video Conference Usage

Microsoft Teams FAQ

  • How to use about Microsoft Teams video conferencing?

    The video conferencing can proceed as follows:

    1. Invite team members and generate teams.
    2. On the Created Team page, click “Video Icon” below.
    3. You can complete the camera settings and proceed with the video conferencing.

  • How can Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing Features use?

    The screen sharing feature is available as follows:

    1. Connect to chat.
    2. Select “Screen Sharing Icon” on the upper right corner.
    3. Select the screen to be shared and proceed to Sharing Screen.

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