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Nateon is a messenger service used in meetings or organizations. It is an app optimized for meetings and meetings, offering a variety of features such as team rooms and group management. You can receive various news through NATE news.
NateON Download

NateON Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2023-01-24
  • Developer – SK Communications Co., Ltd.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – NATEON70.exe (20.2MB)
  • Category – SocialNetworkingApplication

Main Funtion

  • 1; 1, group chat can be used to talk with team members.
  • You can meet the community space optimized for collaboration through the team room.
  • You can send a one -time message through a message once.
  • Acticon, a variety of emoticons services, can make chat more colorful.
  • PC remote control makes it easy to collaborate.


Nateon chat

1: 1 chat

The clean interface makes it easy to communicate with anyone. The chat is concise, so you can easily check the contents.

Nateon function

Various functions

It provides useful features such as transparent portrait, automatic hidden conversation, and a message.

Nateon Acticon


You can use emoticon services. The chat is more fun!

Nateon device linkage

Various devices interlocking

You can use a messenger anytime, anywhere using your PC or mobile phone. Real -time linkage is possible.

NateON Remote control


  • How can I use Nateon remote control?

    1; 1 Chat can be used. For more information, you can check the following remote control manual.

  • How to increase Nateon emoticons?

    The current function is not provided. You can meet more emoticons through the Acticon Service.

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