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Naver MyBox is a cloud service that offers basic 30GB capacity. With powerful security, you can keep all files safely. Mobile and PC real-time synchronization can be checked through any device.


  • Latest Version – V – 2022-03-23
  • Developer – NAVER Corp.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – NaverDriveInst.exe (18MB)
  • Category – BusinessApplication

Main Function

  • Provides the capacity of the default 30GB. You can get a capacity of up to 10TB through Naver My Box Plan Upgrade.
  • You can safely keep files in various formats, such as photos, documents, and videos.
  • You can use the search function in the cloud to make it easier for file cleanup.
  • Backup and synchronization capabilities allow you to view files in real time in mobile and PC versions.

About Features

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Manage file

Easy to manage cloud files by supporting a variety of formats such as viewing all the files, recent and favorite files, such as viewing files.

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Folder synchronization

Folder synchronization is possible to synchronize in real time on mobile and PC. Network connection is required in the explorer.

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Shared file

You can create a folder or file in the cloud as a URL and share it with other users. Users can download without login.

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Cloud Capacity

The first user can provide the capacity of the base 30GB and can increase the cloud capacity through various uses.

NAVER MYBOX How to use?


  • Naver MyBox Upload Failure.

    Please check the capacity of the cloud and check the network connection. If the capacity is full, the upload may fail, and the upload may fail even when the network connection is unstable.

  • How can Naver MyBox Synchronization?

    Synchronization and backup jobs are possible as follows:

    1. Run Naver Mybox Explorer.
    2. Right-click the right bottom mifense icon.
    3. Click “Sync Settings”.
    4. When you select a synchronization method, synchronization starts.

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