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NESPDF is a PDF program that provides a variety of PDF features, from PDF editing, conversion, combined, and leader functions. Anyone can easily work with PDF documents with an intuitive interface.
NESPDF Download


  • Latest Version – V 1.3 – 2023-01-31
  • Developer – NESGIO Co., Ltd.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – nespdf_free_x64_1.3.exe (58MB)
  • Category – BusinessApplication

Main Funtion

  • Familiar and easy. Even for the first time, you can easily adapt to the interface.
  • NESPDF enables various PDF work, including PDF merge and division.
  • The overlay application allows users to work with PDF documents in a convenient working environment.
  • It is compatible with various PDF programs such as MS Office, Adobe Leader, and ALPDF.


NESPDF PDF Conversion

PDF conversion

Various PDF -related documents are available, including PDF conversion and reverse conversion, PDF editing, and PDF export through NESPDF.

Nepdf export


It is possible to export to various forms of text files such as Excel and Word. It is also possible to export images.

NESPDF commentary

Tin tool

In the toolbar, you can select a comment and attach it to the document. You can add an attachment or insert a watermark.


OCR function

It provides OCR function. PDF document conversion or use in DOC program.

NESPDF How to Use


  • How can I reduce PDF capacity in NESPDF?

    The following methods can reduce the capacity of the PDF file.

    1. Advanced tab -Select the file size.
    2. Select the desired settings from the small size to the high quality in the image settings.
    3. Select “Apply to multiple documents”.

  • How can I use the NESPDF OCR feature?

    The method below allows you to use the OCR feature.

    1. Click Advanced -OCR.
    2. Select the OCR page range.
    3. Select the OCR language and output style and click OK.

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