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Nox Player

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Nox Player is an emulator that is available in PC environment with Android mobile games. The app itself is light, fast, and you can experience a very fast speed in optimization. Game pads, keyboards are supported and stability is high.

Nox Player Specs

  • Latest Version – V – 2022-06-29
  • Developer – NOX LIMITED bignox
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – nox_setup_v7.0.3.1_full_intl.exe (510MB)
  • Category – UtilitiesApplication

Main Function

  • Supports various versions. Depending on your PC environment, you can select another version.
  • Supports various apps. You can see the newest new game most quickly.
  • With Nox Player Optimization, you can use more stable and faster performance apps.
  • You can set detailed settings such as frames, resolution, and tablet modes directly.
  • You can use speed mode, compatibility mode, etc. to use faster features.

About Features

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Stable Performance

The app player itself is light and fast. You can create a pleasant PC environment.

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You can set apps as you want. Optimization allows you to create a pleasant gaming environment.

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Multi instance

You can use multiple instances in one place. Provides seamless multi-instance capabilities.

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High Compatibility

Windows, Mac OS operating system is very compatible. Can be used on a variety of operating systems.

Nox Player How to use?

Nox Player FAQ

  • Nox Player installation error occurs.

    If an error occurs at the time of download, please check the following:

    1. OFF real-time monitoring of the vaccine.
    2. Verify that Windows Firewall Exception app allows.
    3. Check the installation files.

  • I am curious about the Nox Player Multi.

    You can set a multi-instance as follows:

    1. Run the “Multi-Drive” file created after the download.
    2. Click the “Add App Player” button.
    3. Click the Run button and run the instance.

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