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Opera browser is a service that can use unlimited VPN services. The user protects the user's personal information through a high security level or through a high security level. QR Barcode Scanners, Plugins, and more.

Opera Specs

  • Latest Version – V 84.0.4316.42 – 2022-04-04
  • Developer – Opera Software ASA
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – OperaSetup.exe (2.7MB)
  • Category – BrowserApplication

Main Function

  • Effective resources are a browser optimized for web surfing.
  • With free, unlimited VPN services, you can experience a high security-level browser service.
  • Various automatic scans are available through QR and barcode scanners.
  • You can safely manage the payment information, such as passwords and credit cards.
  • Add-ons can use additional features that are not available in your browser.
  • Supports secret mode. We can surf web without cookie information and no trace.

About Features

opera 2

Block Advertising

You can block ads from external sites through AD Blocker. User settings are possible.

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Browser self-VPN service is available. You can connect to a variety of sites through overseas VPN.

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If you have insufficient features in your browser, try plug-in features! Any function can be added free.

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Sidebar Panel

The sidebar feature allows you to work with browser. You can use multiple features.

Opera Using VPN

Opera FAQ

  • Opera Browser “No Response” problem occurs.

    If the problem occurs, you can resolve through the following program: Please remove the unnecessary program on your PC and try again.

  • How can I download opera browser video?

    Videos require additional add-ons. You can add it as follows:

    1. Connect to opera add-on.
    2. Install “Video Downloader”.
    3. Download with video management.

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