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Opera browser is a browser service that can use unlimited VPN services. It blocks ads that users are annoying or protect the user's personal information through high security levels. It offers a variety of features, including QR barcode scanners and plugins.
Opera Browser

Opera Specs

  • Latest Version – V 106 – 2023-12-24
  • Developer – Opera Software ASA
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – OperaSetup.exe (2.7MB)
  • Category – BrowserApplication

Main Funtion

  • A browser optimized for surfing the web with effective resources.
  • Free, unlimited VPN services offer high security -level browser services.
  • Various automatic scans are available through QR and barcode scanners.
  • You can safely manage payment information such as password and credit cards.
  • The plugin (Add-ONS) allows you to use additional features that you cannot use in your browser.
  • It supports secret mode. You can surf the web without any traces of cookie information.


Opera browser ad blocking

AD Blocking

Ad Blocker can block advertising on an external site. User settings are possible.

Opera Browser VPN


You can use your own VPN service. Overseas VPNs can be connected to various sites.

Opera browser plugin


If you have a lack of features in your browser, try the plugin feature! Any feature can be added for free.

Opera browser sidebar panel

Sidebar panel

The sidebar function allows you to do other tasks while using the browser. You can use multiple functions.

Opera VPN usage

Opera FAQ

  • Opera browser “no response” problem occurs.

    If this problem occurs, you can solve it through the following program. Please try to remove the unnecessary program of the PC and try again.

  • How can I download the opera browser video?

    The video requires additional add -on. You can add it as follows:

    1. Access the opera add -on.
    2. Install “Video Downloader”.
    3. You can download it with video management.

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