V3 Lite

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V3 Lite is a free vaccine program with strong security performance. Very light and fast, blocking ransomware and discovering and removing various malware. It is divided into personal/enterprise.
V3 Lite 다운로드

V3 Lite Specs

  • 최신 버전 – V – 2024-06-22
  • Developer – AhnLab, Inc.
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – V3Lite_Setup.exe (90.0MB)
  • Category – SecurityApplication

Main Funtion

  • Protect the PC by blocking various malware and ransomware.
  • Anyone can use it easily by applying UI, which is easy to use.
  • The best computer protection among the world’s various vaccine programs is the best.
  • You can build a database by applying cloud -based security features.
  • It is the fastest of the various vaccine programs, ALYac and Naver vaccines.
  • Similar performance is Kaspersky, an overseas vaccine.


V3 Lite precision inspection

Strong security

You can block various types of viruses and safely manage your PC.

V3 Lite Interface

Comfortable interface

Intuitive interface allows users to easily execute their desired tasks.

V3 Lite PC Optimization

PC Optimization

You can improve your computer by organizing and unused programs.

V3 Lite Child Protection

Various add -ons

It offers a variety of paid features, including child protection and PC doctor.

V3 Lite How to install

V3 Lite FAQ

  • Is V3 Lite free?

    Yes. You can use all parts for free. If you want more V3 Lite add -on, you can use it through a paid version.

  • Is V3 Lite safe?

    Yes. It has a high level of security in vaccine programs around the world. Provides various add -ons.

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