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Wehago is a corporate dedicated storage system that allows you to manage business files and folders. File sharing within enterprise is possible and can be edited directly with the Web Office program without downloading the download operation. With high security, you can keep all files securely.


  • Latest Version – V – 2022-03-17
  • Developer – Douzone Bizon Co., Ltd
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – WEHAGO_Setup.exe (3.8MB)
  • Category – BusinessApplication

Main Function

  • You can manage your business folders and files from your enterprise’s storage system.
  • You can upload and download files from local PC inside your computer.
  • You can select the folder you want to share and share files or folders with your company’s employees.
  • You can get a variety of service introduction by operating website in wehago homepage.

About Features

wehago 2

Group conversation

Provides a group of videos, such as video conferencing, sharing document sharing.

wehago 3


You can share calendar schedules to easily collaborate. Supports the guards and electronic payment systems.

wehago 4

Business Management

Provides a variety of collaborative tools that increase business productivity. You can see a variety of tasks, including accounting and payroll management.

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Mobile interlocking

You can get real-time notifications through mobile and PC real-time interlocking.

WEHAGO Corporate tax returns 2022

WEHAGO Enter salary data


  • How can we install Wehago?

    Wehago is a storage service. Therefore, installation is not required and can be connected to a web app. Please refer to the guided link.

  • What can I do with Wehago Shared Folder Settings?

    Shared folders can be set as follows:

    1. Select the folder you want to share in the Wehago Storage.
    2. Select the user to share on the top.
    3. Set the privileges of the user’s shared folder.
    4. If a separate icon is displayed, sharing is complete.

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