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Wehago is a web storage service that allows you to manage business files and folders with a corporate storage system. It is possible to share files in the company, and no download work is required and edited directly with a web office program. High security allows you to keep all files safely.


  • Latest Version – V – 2023-01-24
  • Developer – Douzone Bizon Co., Ltd
  • OS – Windows
  • Files – WEHAGO_Setup.exe (3.8MB)
  • Category – BusinessApplication

Main Funtion

  • The storage system used by the company allows you to manage your business folders and files.
  • You can upload and download files from your local PC inside your computer.
  • You can choose the folder you want to share and share the files or folders with the employees in the company.
  • You can operate a customer center on the homepage to receive various services.
  • Compatible with various office apps.


Wehago Group Dialogue

Group conversation

It creates a group and provides various functions necessary for communication such as video conferences and document sharing.

WehaGo Collaboration Tool


You can easily collaborate by sharing the calendar schedule. Support for security claims and electronic payment systems.

WehaGo Management

Business management

We offer a variety of collaboration tools to increase work productivity. You can see various tasks such as accounting and salary management.


Mobile linkage

You can get real -time notifications through mobile and PC real -time interworking.

WEHAGO Corporate Tax Report 2022

WEHAGO Salary data input


  • How can we install WEHAGO?

    WEHAGO is a storage service. Therefore, you do not need installation and you can access the web app. Please refer to the linked link.

  • How can we set up the WEHAGO shared folder?

    The shared folder can be set as follows:

    1. Select the folder to share in the storage.
    2. Select the user to share at the top.
    3. Set the permissions of the user’s shared folder.
    4. If a separate icon is displayed, the sharing is completed.

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